Veterans Story Hour

is a uniquely meaningful and empowering experience for children of all ages. Veterans Story Hour gives kids the opportunity to interact with and learn from a veteran in their community. 

You can read a children’s story or in the right age group relate a story from your experience.

Educate future generations

One of the most significant reasons for veterans to share their stories is to educate future generations. Children today learn about wars and conflicts from textbooks and movies, which often focus on the battles and the political factors that led to them. However, by sharing your experiences, you can provide a more personal and nuanced perspective. You can help children understand the human cost of war, the challenges that soldiers face, and the impact that conflicts have on communities.

Inspire children to serve

Another benefit of sharing your stories is that you can inspire children to serve their country. Many children today grow up without a strong sense of civic duty or patriotism. However, by sharing your experiences, you can help them understand the importance of serving their country and the rewards that come with it. You can also provide guidance on how to prepare for military service, what to expect, and how to cope with the challenges of military life.

Preserve history

Sharing your stories can help preserve history. As time goes on, the memories of past conflicts begin to fade, and it becomes more challenging to convey the lessons learned to future generations. By sharing your experiences, you can help preserve the history of your time in the military and ensure that the sacrifices of veterans are never forgotten.

Foster empathy and understanding

In addition to educating and inspiring children, sharing your stories can also help foster empathy and understanding. Many children today grow up in relatively privileged circumstances and may not have a clear understanding of the challenges that others face. By sharing your experiences, you can help them understand the sacrifices that soldiers make, the struggles that veterans face when returning to civilian life, and the importance of supporting our military community.

How do I participate? We make it easy!

Contact your local library, school, or even college. Offer to talk to the kids about your experiences in an age-appropriate way.

Obviously, we would relate to small children differently than to older students and young adults.

If you cannot find an appropriate way to talk to younger children we will provide several children’s stories on this website to make it easier.

VFW's and more

We would love to find a sponsor or multiple sponsors to help spread the idea. Talk to your veteran organization leadership and let them consider how to best serve your local community!

If you have ideas or questions please use our Contact page.

Our recommended resources:

Little Patriots – Almost everything you need for reading to kids at home and outside the home.

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